Innovation Training and Workshops

Do you need to ramp up your team and organization to get them thinking more creatively and strategically about the future of your business? Our innovation training & workshops can help you give your staff the experience and tools they need.

What Are They Saying?

“It was eye-opening to put ourselves in the customers’ shoes. What a difference that made.”

“I knew we were a creative group but I had no idea we’d generate that many actionable ideas in such a short time.”

“I have to admit I’m kind of shocked by the innovative ideas that came out of this. Shocked at myself, most of all.”

“I look at the list we generated during this session and think to myself: that’s an organization I would love us to be.”

“I never thought of myself as a creative type. I guess I am.”


We offer three levels of design training:


½-Day Training – Our ½-day training is geared for staff trainings and retreats. It includes a short intro to the design process, a hands-on design and innovation exercise that lets attendees experience and intense practice of design, and finally, some tools and techniques on how to implement the design process into the workplace. This is a great way to introduce people to the design and innovation and make staff more open to creativity. Duration: 3-4 hours


Full-Day Training – Our full day training includes the above ½ day training. We use more than half of the day to tackle an existing business or operational challenge within your organization. Attendees will move from the short design exercise to using those techniques to innovate solutions at your place of business, with real problems and real people. At the end of the training, attendees will be ready to continue this process and the challenge at work. This is a perfect way to show the possibilities and impacts of using design and innovation at work. It prepares people to go back to work and innovate their way out of the problem they started working on during the training.


3-Day Immersive – Our 3-day immersive training occurs in three separate sessions spread over 6-8 weeks. Each training day provides attendees with a deeper understanding of the process and more hands-on examples of the different tools used in designing solutions. At the outset of the training, attendees, or groups of attendees, will have identified a workplace challenge that they want to change or innovate. This project will provide the framework for the training and attendees will work on those challenges in-between trainings to practice the design and innovation techniques. 

The 3-day training is set up so that the first day provides the initial design framework for empathy and insight work. In-between session one and two, attendees will do that work on their project in their workplace. At session two, we will review the work and train attendees on ideation and prototyping. Attendees will work on these in between the last sessions. At the last session, attendees will bring in their prototypes in a testing workshop and we will wrap up the last session with tools and training on how to introduce innovations and make them sustainable. At the end of this training, attendees should be ready to present their innovations to their managers or teams with the goal of testing them on a larger scale at work. It will also give them the experience to build innovation teams at work.

 Innovation Workshops

Do you have a challenge or opportunity at work you haven’t quite solved? Is your team looking for ways to innovate or find creative solutions to something that feels “stuck?”

Our innovation workshops help you move forward in unexpected ways by tapping into design techniques that provide new perspectives and energies.

We provide ½-day and full-day innovation workshops for teams and groups working on a specific business challenge. The challenges can be specific or broader but in each case, we’ll help your team focus and reframe the challenge and provide tools and techniques to dig into insights and ideas.

By the end of the workshop, your team should have several prototype ideas that they can bring back to the workplace to flesh out and test with real people (like customers or other internal staff members.

The results? Innovative ideas that surprise even the participants.


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